Pizza or Women?

We would disagree slightly, we could think of a few other things that might feel nicer ;)

Learn About Your Lady

Want to really get to know your special woman? Start by exploring the place she comes from, you could be surprised how much it reminds you of home!

Date Night

I just got this cute new pair of earrings to wear on our date. Do you like them?

Smile for You!


Hot AnastasiaDate Gumball #Throwback

AnastasiaDate really heated up Miami on the #Gumball3000 trail last year!

Blue Skies

What Women Want

Wonder what women want? Dasha can enlighten you in this video.

A Kiss To Remember

Give her a kiss she won't be able to get off her mind ;)

Hot Driver of the Week: Amanda Stretton

Amanda Stretton is now best known as a television presenter, but her career was launches when she was one of Britiain's most prominent female racers.